Materiale și tehnologii

After several years of development work is our own, exclusive,high-quality upper material,the "WildMicrofiber"!It will work for most of our climbing shoe models used and is characterized by outstanding Tear and abrasion resistance is slightly elastic, fits the foot without widening, holding the Shoe permanently in shape and is in addition very comfortable!
Is not it? Now

Just about all our climbing shoes come with the highest quality rubber soles from the leader Vibram
and not with any Billigsohlen, which is called "Reibungsklettersohle" not rudimentary to earn.

"HTS" means nothing else than "H-torsion system". It deals this is a patented one Construction for climbing shoes, which the foot shape of the wearer supported while twisting of the shoe on or around the foot prevents and thereby form and Tension of the shoe permanently receives.